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"Il Cielo sopra Rebibbia"
"Il Cielo sopra Rebibbia"
The Virtual Telescope at Rebibbia prison, Italy

The Virtual Telescope at Rebibbia prison, Italy

Since the very beginning, the Virtual Telescope reserved a special attention to social and humanitarian activities. In 2009, the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009), we offered a huge number of international events for free and in 2011 the social efforts at Virtual Telescope had a very strong increment.

We brought the wonders of space, cosmos and related themes to Prisons, Hospitals and other places, believing that every woman and every man, despite her or his personal experience, has the human right to “feel” and discover the beauty of what is around her/his, feeling of her/him as a very unique individual.

We believe that knowledge, in every condition, has the privilege to improve our personal consciousness and awareness and it is the very first step to enrich our feeling and perception.

The ideas of space and time can always open everybody’s soul and mind and blow our imagination.



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