Extrasolar Planets

the super-Earth GJ 1214b
the super-Earth GJ 1214b
XO-3, hosting exoplanet XO-3b codiscovered at the Virtual Telescope

XO-3, hosting exoplanet XO-3b co-discovered at the Virtual Telescope

Undoubtedly, exoplanet astrophysics is one of the most intriguing research fields in modern science.

The Virtual Telescope Project contributes to extrasolar planets research doing high precision photometry of transiting ones.

Microlensing observations is going to be activated soon, too.

So far, the Virtual Telescope  contributed to the discovery of two exoplanets (XO-2b, XO-3b), otherwise doing follow-up observations.

Below, some lightcurves of exoplanets done at the Virtual Telescope.

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