Gamma Ray Bursts

Gamma-ray Burst GRB100906A
Gamma-ray Burst GRB100906A
Gamma-ray Burst GRB100906A

Gamma-ray Burst GRB100906A

Gamma-ray Bursts (GRBs) are a modern research field in astrophysics, which is taking lots of benefits from space-based observations.

Once the burst is detected by satellites, it is always important to check for optical counterparts (the so-called afterglow), doing photometry during its brightness decay.

Here, the reaction time is of great importance: the fastest the optical follow-up, the better, to understand the initial, critical behaviour of the source.

The Virtual Telescope Project started to do some follow-up observations in this area: plans are to improve our coverage of these phenomena.

Below some examples of our observations in this area.

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