IC 342 - 26 Nov. 2016
IC 342 - 26 Nov. 2016
NGC 6960, part of the "Veil" nebula

NGC 6960, part of the “Veil” nebula

The Virtual Telescope is happy to thank those who contributes to make it one of the most productive and advanced robotic facilities in the world.

We proudly acknowledge the technological support by:

Software Bisque
Telescope Live
Baader Planetarium
Santa Barbara Instrument Group
PlaneWave Instruments

The Virtual Telescope is a partner of Astronomers Without Borders, proving resources for online observing sessions involving people  from every corner of the world.

The Virtual Telescope logo was created by Architect Giovanni De Vincentis.

The structure hosting the telescopes was made by “Maura&Micheli“, Ceccano (FR), Italy.








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