Venus and Mercury above S. Peter Dome, Rome
Venus and Mercury above S. Peter Dome, Rome

The Virtual Telescope Project is a volunteer effort aimed to bring the wonders of the Universe to everyone, without any social, cultural and economical barrier. It was a dream now made real.

Since its birth in 2006, it shared the beauty of the sky with millions of individuals all over the world, including growing countries, disadvantaged communities, hospitals and prisons.

All our online events are offered for free, but we really need your help.

Support The Virtual Telescope Project!

Please, donate and receive a STUNNING image of the Tiangong 1 and International Space Station above Rome and one EXCLUSIVE image of the potentially hazasteroid asteroid 2004 BL86 taken by the Virtual Telescope!

NEW:Starting from Aug. 29, 2017, your donation now will also allow you to join our next online event with the new Premium, HD features, limited to our supporting users! You will receive in a few minutes the link for that by email (check in the spam if you will not receive it).


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You can adjust the amount later in the cart, if you want to donate different amounts.

Offering a lot of activities for free does not mean they do not have a cost. Consider the instruments used, the servers, the electricity, the internet, the mixing hardware and software to provide an high quality broadcast service, the endless hours of work to configure and maintain all this  and the work done to offer the live commentary to the online event.

So, the Virtual Telescope Project has several costs to be covered, this is why we welcome donations.

From this page, you can support us by donations. If you like what we do, if you’ve found your experience with us well worth your contribution, we welcome your help.

We offered you hundreds of online, live journeys across the Universe, for free: now, would you offer your help to us? Thanks in advance.

PLEASE NOTE: your donation allows access to the very first online event only following your donation. Future live events would required a new donation to be accessed in HD. ONLY in case of bad weather, you will have access to the next online event.

Thank you very much for your help!

Support The Virtual Telescope Project!

If everyone reading this right now would donate something, our fundraiser would be done in a few days. Please, donate and receive stunning, LIMITED EDITION images with the Tiangong 1 and International Space Station above Rome and one of a potentially hazardous asteroid taken by the Virtual Telescope, specifically made for supporters like you!

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You can also order our 2019 Calendar, featuring our unique images of the stars above the legendary monuments of Rome!


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