Observing from la Silla, Chile
Observing from la Silla, Chile
Observing from la Silla, Chile

Observing from la Silla, Chile

We are proud to share some comments we received about our activities. We love sharing the Cosmos with you and we are always happy to hear your feedback: it will help us to improve our services.

Feel free to write us your thoughts.

” For me the virtual telescope has been wonderful, it has enabled me to view the cosmos in my remote location of Australia.Taken me to many vast locations across many galaxies. I have viewed first hand many amazing deep sky objects, galaxies and other objects within our solar system.Gianluca’s commentaries are always informative and interesting, Gianluca is inclusive and remembers his hundreds of friends from around the planet when we join him in his free online events. I have also met many mutual friends from my region and around the world by taking part in the many astronomical sessions Gianluca has freely given. Many many thanks Gianluca and the Virtual Telescope crew.”
Veronica S., Australia

“Each ray from universe trough the virtual telescope project is an educational great experience. Thanks a lot!!!”
Giovanni C., Italy

“Personnellement je vous suis depuis quelques temps… c’est toujours un Instant Magique…même parfois grandes émotions…un direct est toujours plus impressionnant!! surtout avec un Excellent Professeur!!,même si je ne comprend pas vraiment l’Anglais… je comprend mieux l’Italien…mais l’assemblage des 2 langues je m’en sors pas trop Mal!!! et grand Merci à Gianluca Masi… pour tout ces instants Magiques!!
Ruža Marija M., Belgium

“This is an absolutely Amazing Project !! It always gives the chance to feel the pulse of the Universe !! Thank You so Much !!!! Your Work is a first-rate!!!!”
Ekaterine A., Georgia

“Virtual Telescope is a wonderful experience that is worth trying, is like flying in the deep sky sitting in your room, simply amazing!”
Luca B., Italy

“An informative and fantastic experience! An inspiration (even when the weather refuses to play along”
Richard M. UK

“In the 1970’s American author Kurt Vonnegut expounded on the benefits of having “Extended Families”. Certainly the professional and amateur astronomers of the world form an extended family but there is another smaller group within that that have definately become an extended “Virtual” family and that is “Dr. Masi’s Lovely Stardust Band”
David W., Manassas, VA

I believe that Virtual Telescope Project solves the biggest problem that prevents astronomy enthusiasts to get even deeper envolved in Astronomy, and that is the lack of funds to buy a telescope. VT solves this problem and allows a person, for a little money, to use very good telescopes observe and photograph Space. It also gives them a chance to get even more involved in astronomy and engage in serious research thanks to the dedication and work of Gianluca Masi. VT allows people to hear so many interesting things about astronomy, but not in the way as you read the book all alone, but by socializing with many people around the world while listening to Gianluca’s lecture. Any observation that Gianluca organized was very interesting and many many people attended them. If I tell you that every observation attend many hundreds, even thousands of people, it just proves how much they are interesting. This is proof that the online observations and lectures are always interesting, the idea and philosophy of Virtual Telescope project is excellent and the staff of VT is great”.
Zoran T., Serbia

“The events are entertaining and full of interesting subjects and also the environment is great, you get to learn new thing and share the passion for astronomy with others! I really enjoy them!”
Yamazaki S., Kyoto

“It’s a thrilling adventure filled with all the enchantment and star stuff dreams are made of!”
Christi M. S., Manheim, PA

It truly has been an excellent journey on each and every program. The ability to talk with and share the Group Astronomy knowledge to new and seasoned friends. Thank you so very much”.
Robert R. R., USA

It is always fun to attend events at Virtual Telescope! 🙂 And, most importantly, there are a lot of things to learn from our kind host, Gianluca, the cosmic prophet of the Virtual Telescope :)”
Kertész Z., Romania

Gianluca, you and your staff an the good folks at Virtual Telescope have offered a window into the universal soul, and the incredible awesome night sky with ckass and offer a great learning tool for all of us amatuer astronomers in the world…thank you my friend.”
Gerard J., Michigan


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