The Messier Project: an in-depth, public tour of the whole Messier deep sky catalogue

The Messier Project
The Messier Project
The Messier Project

The Messier Project

Since its foundation in 2006, the Virtual Telescope Project has presented to the international audience a stunning array of amazing, online journeys, showing the beauty of the Universe in real-time. Quite often, the topic chosen for these live events made them a truly world premiere happening. Now, Virtual Telescope is ready to make history once again, with a project never seen before.

For the first time ever, it will be possible for the public worldwide to have an in-depth tour of the entire Messier deep sky catalogue. After inventing in 2009 the Online Messier Marathon, showing via the internet the whole Messier catalogue in a single night, we will now dedicate a complete, one hour long tour to every single Messier object, unveiling every aspect of it involving history, anecdotes, arts and of course astrophysics. A total of 110 missions through space and time, thanks to the advanced, technological eyes of the Virtual Telescope Project. All the events will be accessible for free, online: a computer/tablet/smartphone connect to the internet will be the only needed tools.

This is a titanic effort and it will take a few years to be fulfilled, assuring a long season of enjoyment and cultural discovery to all those loving the wonders of the Cosmos.

Stay tuned, the first dates will be announced soon!

I hope you like this and that you will continue to support the giant effort of the Virtual Telescope Project.

Yours Sincerely

dr. Gianluca Masi, PhD
Director, the Virtual Telescope Project

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