New exclusive feature: access to Premium, HD live contents!

HD versus SD definition
HD versus SD definition
HD versus SD definition

The Virtual Telescope offers a new, Premium option: we offer now a HD quality streaming to those supporting the Virtual Telescope by donations.

HD versus SD definition

HD versus SD definition


While everyone can access, for free, every live streaming featured on our website at standard resolution (SD), we want to thank all those supporting the Virtual Telescope by donations (no matter the amount) giving them exclusive access to the High-Definition (HD) version of the same streaming! It is by far a superior experience!

Please check the two steps below:

  1. if you have done a donation recently, you have received the link to the Premier, HD streaming via email;
  2. if you want to access the Premium, HD streaming, please donate here and go to the link you will receive by email.

The Premium, HD streaming will make you feeling like if you were sitting at the telescope, personally looking at its control computers!

Of course, you will also receive a high-quality, LIMITED EDITION digital image of the Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction, one of the potentially hazardous asteroid 1998 OR2 taken by the Virtual Telescope and one of  the eclipsed Moon rising above the Colosseum in Rome, specifically made for supporters like you! We will also give you one exclusive panel showing the Perseid meteor shower at its best, one image of the Tiangong 1 station crossing the winters stars and one of the International Space Station crossing the sky above Rome! You can print them and put it on your walls.

PLEASE NOTE: your donation allows access to the very next online event (covering “near-Earth Asteroid 2020 SW“, Premium HD version) following your donation. Future live events would required a new donation to be accessed in HD. ONLY in case of bad weather, you will have access to the next online event.

You can always join for free our streaming at standard definition (SD) here!

Thanks for supporting us and… enjoy the Premium, HD contents!


Support The Virtual Telescope Project!

Support us! Please, donate and receive unique, LIMITED EDITION set of images of the stunning comet 12P/Pons-Brooks with Andromeda Galaxy, of potentially hazardous asteroids, space stations and much more, specifically made for supporters like you!

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