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(277475) 2005 WK4 while imaged via the Virtual Telescope

(277475) 2005 WK4 while imaged via the Virtual Telescope

If you like our live feed showing the cosmos live, now you can amazingly improve your enjoyment of the sky!

The Virtual Telescope team is proud to introduce an exclusive service: while we will continue providing the usual live coverage of the most important astronomical events, now you can also choose the true real-time mode!

In the free mode, the images from the telescopes are automatically updated every 15 seconds or so.

With the new, real-time exclusive option you will receive the streaming from the telescope continuously, like if you are sitting at the telescope! All this with no ad-banners!

So make your choice now:

  • Exclusive, HD, real-time option (ads-free!); pay just one Euro! 

  • normal live feed, FREE

For the real-time option the payment of 1,00 (one) euro fee is requested, to support our public outreach activities. Once paid the small fee, you will automatically receive your exclusive url providing the real-time feed. Please note: this is a single event subscription and it refers to the very next or already running live feed!


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