T Coronae Borealis “Meets” asteroid Pallas: online observation – 24 June 2024

On 24 June 2024, the famous T Coronae Borealis, aka the Blaze Star, will share the very same spot of the sky with asteroid (2) Pallas. We will show this appulse live, introducing the T CrB recurrent nova before it will hopefully erupts.

T CrB and (2) Pallas: poster of the event.

T CrB and (2) Pallas: poster of the event.

While the astronomical community waits for the very desired eruption of T Coronae Borealis, this recurrent nova will apparently meet asteroid (2) Pallas, the second minor planet to be discovered in history (Olbers, 28 Mar. 1802). Of course, with the Blaze Star lying at about 3000 light years from us and Pallas “only” 350 million km away from the Earth, this conjunction is just matter of perspective, but a very spectacular one.

The Virtual Telescope Project will exploit this intriguing cosmic meeting to introduce T Coronae Borealis, to better understand what we will see once the predicted eruption will eventually happen.

The live feed will start on 24 June 2024, at 20:00 UTC.

To join, you just need to enter, at the dates and times above, the webTV page here!

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