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Messier 17, aka as “Omega Nebula”.

Messier 17, a stunning view – 11 Sept. 2023

We managed to capture a superb image of the celebrated Messier 17 nebula, aka “Omega” and “Swan” because of its shape. Enjoy the view below. The image above comes from the combination of 31,...

NGC 6960, part of the "Veil" nebula

NGC 6960, an elegant veil on a drama

NGC 6960 is one of the most famous, though not-obvious-to-see, deep sky objects in the sky. It is part of a complex structure we call the “Cygnus Loop”, the remnant of a dramatic, galactic...

The Planetary Nebula NGC 6543

NGC 6543: a “Cat’s Eye” in the sky

NGC 6543, also called “Cat’s Eye”, is a beautiful and famous planetary nebula, among the most enigmatic ones currently known. Located in the northern constellation of the Dragon is and will remain a “timeless”planetary...