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The Planetary Nebula NGC 6543

NGC 6543: a “Cat’s Eye” in the sky

NGC 6543, also called “Cat’s Eye”, is a beautiful and famous planetary nebula, among the most enigmatic ones currently known. Located in the northern constellation of the Dragon is and will remain a “timeless”planetary...

Messier 8, the "Lagoon" nebula

Messier 8, a “Lagoon” of stars

The summer sky is coming with its treasures and we could not resist to image the venerable Messier 8, the “Lagoon” nebula with the stunning Tenagra III robotic telescope, placed under the fabulous stars of the...

Messier 27, also known as NGC 6853.

M 27 – NGC 6853: a deep image

Messier 27, also known as NGC 6853, is for sure one of the best known deep sky objects in the sky. Discovered by Charles Messier in 1764, it is easily recognizable as a fuzzy object...