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Messier 66, a color view

Messier 66 in Leo: a colour view

Looking at the sky and its depths, one is impressed by the unmatched beauty she/he meets up there. But some objects “shines” with their special charm. Among them, Messier 66. Placed at about 35...

Messier 66, imaged with the 17" robotic unit

Messier 66: a new, deep image

When it started operations early in 2011, the PlaneWave 17″ robotic unit, part of the Virtual Telescope Project imaged Messier 66,  a very nice spiral  galaxy, about 36 millions of light years from us and...

M 66

M 66 – Leo

  The wonderful galaxy M66, in Leo, discovered by C. Messier on March 1, 1780 and located at about 35 millions of light years. It is part of the so-called “Leo’s Triplet” (with NGC...