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M 15

M 15 – Peg

Globular clusters are famous for their high concentration of stars: think of the cosmic void, then meet these regions with up to a million of stars so closely packed together by gravity and you...

C/2009 P1 (Garradd) and M 15

C/2009 P1 (Garradd) and M 15

  This image shows comet Garradd while apparently meeting the globular cluster Messier 15 in Pegasus, on 2 Aug. 2011. A mosaic with two images was done, in order to cover both the objects,...

Comet C/2009 P1 (Garradd) and M15 (2011)

Destination: Comet Garradd

After quite a long absence, an interesting comet was coming again, its name being C/2009 P1 (Garradd). Discovered by the australian astronomer Gordon J. Garradd on 13 aug 2009, this comet will be interestingly...


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