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M 2

M 2 – Aqr

Messier 2 is one of the deep sky wonders of Aquarius. It was discovered by Jean-Dominique Maraldi in 1746 and its stars were firstly recognized by William Herschel in 1783. M 2 is located at about 37.000...

M 15

M 15 – Peg

Globular clusters are famous for their high concentration of stars: think of the cosmic void, then meet these regions with up to a million of stars so closely packed together by gravity and you...

M 56

M 56 – Lyr

In the small constellation of Lyra, the one hosting the bright star Vega, there is the interesting and somewhat neglected globular cluster Messier 56. Apparently close to M 57, this little gem was discovered...

M 71

M 71 – Sge

Globular clusters are famous for their high concentration of stars: even one million stars closely packed together by gravity. But sometimes we find significantly loose bodies, making them like a dense open cluster. This...

M 14

M 14 – Oph

Ophiucus is very generous when it is time to look for bright globular clusters. After M 10 and M 12, the Virtual Telescope visited Messier 14 (more data), another gem of the deep sky...

M 22

M 22 – Sgr

For sure, you have understood that globular clusters are really loved by the Virtual Telescope team. At summer, plenty of them are visible from the northern hemisphere and some of the finest appear in...

M 10

M 10 – Oph

Surfing across globular clusters in the late Spring skies, soon after Messier 12 The Virtual Telescope looked for Messier 10 (more data), always in the  Ophiucus constellation, in the same part of the sky....

M 12

M 12 – Oph

At Virtual Telescope, we always have great consideration for globular clusters. This time, we visited the Ophiucus constellation, hosting several great and spectacular objects of this kind. Here we present Messier 12 (more data),...

M 3

M 3 – CVn

In the poorly known constellation of Canes Venatici there is a wonderful globular cluster, for many observers the finest in the northern skies only after M 13. It is Messier 3 (more data). A...

M 92

M 92 – Her

Often forgotten because of its very famous neighbor M 13,  Messier 92 (more data) is an amazing globular cluster, initially discovered by Johann Elert Bode in 1777. Placed a bit further than its big brother, M 92...

M 5

M 5 – Ser

Among the most spectacular deep sky objects there are globular clusters. These very crowded families of stars (reaching sometime the number of one million!) live in the so called galactic halo: a spherical region...


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