Ison, the Queen of Comets: online, live observing session – 13 Dec. 2013, 04:30 UT


"Ison, the Queen of Comets": 13 Dec. 2013, 04:30 UT

"Ison, the Queen of Comets": 13 Dec. 2013, 04:30 UT

After Hale-Bopp, comet C/2012 Ison if for sure the most awaited one in recent history. Discovered in Sept. 2012 and predicted to possible be one of the most impressive objects of its class ever seen, it has been tracked for months by professional and hobby astronomers, approaching its own of moment truth.

After a disappointing trend, it started shining better and better, while approaching the Sun: comet Ison will brush our star next 28 Nov., at less than 2 millions of km. What will happen then is simply unknown, because of the unpredictable nature of comets, especially when approaching the Sun so closely.

But as always with these historic events, at Virtual Telescope we want to be ready and here we are announcing the live coverage, online of comet C/2012 S1 Ison show! After your many and welcome requests, we just planned it. Hoping, of course, that comet Ison will survive to the Sun.

“Ison, the Queen of Comets” is scheduled for 13 Dec. 2013, starting at 04:30UT. As always, it is a free event and very easy to access: just go – on 13 Dec. at 04:30UT – to our WebTV page here!


Join the “Ison, the Queen of Comets” live event here!


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