Nova Delphini 2013: one month later – online observing session (16 Sept. 2013)

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Nova Delphini 2013: live event

Nova Delphini 2013: live event

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Nova Delphini 2013 is for sure one of the most important astronomical events of this year. The Virtual Telescope already provided a live coverage of the Nova while it was peaking in brightness.

Now, the star has entered a slowly fading trend and it is attracting the  huge attention of both scientists and curious people. Nova Delphini 2013 provides also a great show once you manage to look at it with a spectroscope: its light is showing continuously changing patterns, providing both science and fun.

The Virtual Telescope shared this nova live a few times already, but now we wanted to partner with Astronomers Without Borders, believing that such a great event could be a unique chance to gather people from everywhere on the globe and have a look together, without any social, cultural, geographical boundary. So, we are happy to invite you to spy V339 Delphini (as it is now officially called), discovering what is happening there, one month after the star appeared in that corner of the sky.

The online, free event is scheduled for 16 Sept. 2013, starting at 20:00 UT.


To join, you just need to enter, at the date and time above, our webTV page here!


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