McNeil Nebula and V1647 Ori: updates (28 Jan. 2014)

The McNeil Nebula and V1647 Ori on 28 Jan. 2014

The McNeil Nebula and V1647 Ori on 28 Jan. 2014


On 28 Jan. 2014, we visited again the McNeil nebula and V1647 Ori, after we spotted the latter in outburst last Oct. We found the star still well visible, though likely a bit fainter than our last visit in Nov. 2013.

This area of the sky will be well visible for a few months, so it will be possible to monitor what will happen in the next weeks. Likely, McNeil can be observed from our location up to May.

Above is the average of two images, each integrated for 300-seconds and the objects are placed in the center of the field of view.


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