Venus and Jupiter spectacular conjunction: 30 June / 1 July 2015 (online event)

*** “Venus-Jupiter conjunction”: see it online! ***

Venus -Jupiter 2015 Conjunction: event poster

Venus -Jupiter 2015 Conjunction: event poster

Between 30 June and 1 July, the bright planets Venus and Jupiter will offer an amazing show in the sky: they will be in close conjunction, reaching a minimum angular distance of about 20 arc minutes. This is a quite close encounter: consider that the angular size of the lunar disk is about 30 arc minutes, that is half a degree.

The chart above, calculated for Central Italy, shows how the western horizon will look like at sunset. This will be a superb sight.

The Virtual Telescope will offer an online observation showing this outstanding event. The session is scheduled for 1 July, starting at 19:00 UT.

*** To join, you just need to enter, at the date/time above, the Virtual Telescope webTV page here! ***

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