“My Supermoon”: photographic contest for the 14 Nov. 2016 full Moon

The Arc of Titus (right), the Colosseum and the Full Moon - 20 July 2016

The Arc of Titus (right), the Colosseum and the Full Moon – 20 July 2016

On the occasion of the 14 Nov. 2016 Supermoon, the Virtual Telescope invites you to image it, capturing our satellite with some nice monuments and/or corners of your city.

Our team will select three images and the authors will win an exclusive online, guided tour to the Moon, thanks to the telescopes part of the Virtual Telescope Project.

To join, just follow these extremely simple steps:

  1. subscribe to the Virtual Telescope facebook fan page ;
  2. Send your image (one per author) with all the details (name, surname, country, place and description), to info@virtualtelescope.eu

By sending your images you accept they can be published on the Virtual Telescope Project’s website and social media.

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