Supernova SN 2017eaw and NGC 6946, further follow-up – 13 Oct. 2017

Two months after our last visit, we observed again NGC 6946 and its supernova SN 2017eaw, finding it at mag. 15.1. It is slowly saying us goodbye .

Supernova SN 2017eaw and NGC 6946: 13 Oct. 2017

Supernova SN 2017eaw and NGC 6946: 13 Oct. 2017

The image above is the average of twelve, 120-seconds exposures, remotely taken with “Elena” (PlaneWave 17″+Paramount ME+SBIG STL-6303E) robotic unit available at Virtual Telescope. The image scale is 1.2″/pixel. The object is marked there with two red lines.

We managed to measure the brightness of supernova SN 2017eaw, finding it at mag. 15.1 (unfiltered, R-mags for the reference stars from UCAC-4). Early last Aug., this transient was, as expected, crossing its “plateau” phase, but now it has left it. Checking the AAVSO website for a complete lightcurve, we see that the supernova, after a more rapid fading at the end of the “plateau”, has now significantly reduced its decline rate. We will continue monitoring it.

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