Online Messier Marathon – 10th edition! – 12 April 2018

Would you like to explore the many treasures of the famous Messier Catalogue from home? Would you like to see as many of them as possible, in a single night? This is what is called an Online Messier Marathon! Invented by the Virtual Telescope Project in 2009, it is a legendary event for star lovers and you can join it live, through the Internet!

an official event for Global Astronomy Month (April 2018)

*** Join it here! ***

NB: because of clouds affecting a significant part of the evening, we will reschedule the Marathon: stay tuned to know the new date!

After the unprecedented success of previous editions, even for Global Astronomy Month 2018 (GAM 2018, April 2018), we will offer an Online Messier Marathon, using our robotic telescopes, providing real time images and live comments. All this while chatting and sharing your passion and excitement with friends from all around the world.

This time, we will run the Marathon from Arizona, thanks to our partnership with Tenagra Observatories: a truly special edition for the 10th Anniversary!

Join us on April 12, starting at 02:30 Universal Time! You just need to access our online webTV, click here!

Don’t miss Global Astronomy Month, and be ready to celebrate the Universe with us!

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