The June 2022 planetary parade: online observation – 27 June 2022

These days of June are bringing us a great cosmic show: all the planets of our Solar System will be visible at a glance, at dawn. The Virtual Telescope Project will show you this amazing planetary parade live, online, from Rome.

The June 2022 planetary parade: poster of the event.

The June 2022 planetary parade: poster of the event.

Seeing the whole planetary family of the Sun at a glance is a rare event, especially with the planets aligned accordingly with their increasing distance from our star. These days are brining us such a unique opportunity: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are easily visible to the naked eye at dawn, from East to South, in that order. The Moon will join the show, too, with the Earth on the foreground. But there is more: planets Uranus and Neptune will be easily visible through a binocular, offering the rare opportunity to see all the 8 planets within a few minutes.

The Virtual Telescope Project will share the 2022 planetary parade show live, online, from Rome and you can look at it from the comfort of your home.

The online, free session is scheduled for 27 June, starting at 02:30 UT.

To join, you just need to enter, at the date and time above, our webTV page here!

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