Messier 17, a stunning view – 11 Sept. 2023

We managed to capture a superb image of the celebrated Messier 17 nebula, aka “Omega” and “Swan” because of its shape. Enjoy the view below.

Messier 17, aka as “Omega Nebula”.

Messier 17, aka as “Omega Nebula”.

The image above comes from the combination of 31, 120-second unfiltered exposures, remotely taken with the ARTEC250+Paramount ME+C3Pro61000EC robotic unit available as part of the Virtual Telescope Project facility in Manciano, Italy. The image processing was performed by our friends at DeepLab.

Messier 17 was discovered in 1745 by Philippe Loys de Chéseaux and later catalogued by Charles Messier. It is one of the most spectacular and studied H II regions in our sky, visible in the direction of the Sagittarius constellation.

The image above, thanks to both a generous (1.8 deg. x 1.2 deg.) field of view and good resolution (1.34”/pixel), is particularly rewarding, once views at full resolution (click on the thumbnail above).

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