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A geminid, the rising Moon and a tarantula: 14 Dec. 2017

A very special Geminid

Earlier today, we had a superb coverage of the Gemind meteor shower from Tenagra Observatories. We are working to publish some nice images, but this  to be shared immediately, being so special. A meteor,...

Perseidi 2018: Guida pratica all’Osservazione

*** Le meteore di San Lorenzo in diretta web! *** Puntuale come ogni anno, ritorna l’appuntamento con le celebri meteore di agosto, le popolari “Lacrime di San Lorenzo”, meglio note come Perseidi. Senza dubbio...

Perseids 2014: some meteors - 6 Aug. 2014

Perseids 2014: a few meteors – 6 Aug. 2014

While the Perseids will be a minor event in 2014 because of the full Moon, some meteors are already visible and were recorded by the all-sky camera installed at the Virtual Telescope. Above is...


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