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Online Star Party: 14 April 2013

Online Star Party – 14 April 2013

Last 14 April, the Virtual Telescope hosted an online star party, organized by the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club (NOVAC). It was also opened to all those willing to join it online. While the telescope...

Supernova SN 2013am in Messier 65

Supernova SN 2013am in Messier 65

On 21.637 Mar. 2013, M. Sugano, Kakogawa, Hyogo-ken, Japan reported the discovery of an apparent supernova in Messier M65. The candidate was published on the Transient Object Confirmation Page of the Central Bureau for...

M 65

M 65 – Leo

M 65 (NGC 3623) is a spiral galaxy in Leo, located at about 35 millions of light years, part of the so-called “Leo’s Triplet” (with M66 and NGC 3628 ). It was discovered by...