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Messier 8, the "Lagoon" nebula

Messier 8, a “Lagoon” of stars

The summer sky is coming with its treasures and we could not resist to image the venerable Messier 8, the “Lagoon” nebula with the stunning Tenagra III robotic telescope, placed under the fabulous stars of the...

Comet C/2017 E4 Lovejoy : 30 Apr. 2017

Comet C/2017 E4 Lovejoy: an extreme image (30 Apr. 2017)

Despite the extreme observing conditions, we could capture comet C/2017 E4 Lovejoy again, obtaining a precious documentation of its fate. The image above comes from the sigma clipping combination of six, 60-seconds exposures, unfiltered, remotely...

Comet C/2017 E4 Lovejoy : 25 Apr. 2017

Comet C/2017 E4 Lovejoy: an image (25 Apr. 2017)

While observing conditions are, day after day, more difficult because of its small solar elongation, we continue to observe comet C/2017 E4 Lovejoy while its fades, after its nucleus disintegrated. The image above comes from the...


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