Daily Archive: August 22, 2012

M101 and its supernova suspect, imaged at the Virtual Telescope on 25 Aug. 2011

Supernova SN 2011fe in Messier 101

Last update: 16 Mar. 2013 The image above is very interesting. M101 was imaged about 19 months after supernova SN 2011fe was discovered and the star is still visible, properly marked. We measured a brightness of...

Confirmation image of SN 2012aw obtained at the Virtual Telescope

Supernova SN 2012aw in Messier 95

  On 16 March 2012, supernova SN 2012aw was discovered in Messier 95, a well-know and wonderful barred spiral galaxy in Leo, distant about 38 millions of light year. As soon as the suspicious...


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