Northern Virginia Astronomy Club and Virtual Telescope STAR PARTY!: 14 April 2013

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On 14 April, starting at 23:15 UT, the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club (NOVAC) will offer you a unique chance to explore cosmic landscapes from the comfort of your chair or from Research Hall Rm 163 at George Mason University. General Meeting Info and Directions – (

Thanks to a joint collaboration between NOVAC and the Virtual Telescope Project (VT) in Italy (, a powerful telescope in Italy will be capturing in real time images of the most beautiful cosmic gems and will share the view with all those connected from all around the planet.

All this with the live commentary of the astrophysicist Gianluca Masi, PhD, founder and scientific director of the Virtual Telescope Project, who will be available on the event chat for questions and comments.

We will surf the northern Spring skies, spying beautiful, distant galaxies like Messier 51, Messier 100, NGC 4565 and so on, also spying dying stars, exploding supernovae millions and millions of light years away. On our way back home, we will visit planet Saturn and its elegant, amazing rings. Of course, participants can suggest their own preferred destinations via chat, adding interactivity to the trip.

NOVAC and VT will open the online event to all, for free: to join, you just need to access, at the event date and time, the page:

In case of cloudy weather at the observatory, backup images will be used.

This event is part of the Global Astronomy Month 2013.

If you are coming to the meeting please feel free to join NOVAC members as well at Red Hot and Blue in Fairfax beforehand @ 5:30.

To join the event online, please enter at the given date and time our WebTV page here!

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