Bright supernova SN 2014J in Messier 82: new hi-res image (2 Mar. 2014)

Supernova SN 2014J in M82: 2 Mar. 2014

Supernova SN 2014J in M82: 2 Mar. 2014

Supernova SN 2014J and its host galaxy Messier 82 were well-placed in the sky last night, when the clouds left the stars shining in a steady atmosphere for a while.

The Planewave 17 robotic unit was slewed in Ursa Major, were M82 is, and a image sequence started. Above is the average of 12, 300-seconds exposures, unfiltered, taken at full resolution, with a scale of 0.63″/pixel. All images were unguided.

Supernova SN 2014J in visible in the upper left of the galaxy’s “cigar”.

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