The Night of the Red Planet: 8 April 2014 at 23:00

The Night of the Red Planet:  8 Apr. 2014, 23:00 UT

The Night of the Red Planet: 8 Apr. 2014, 23:00 UT

an official event for Global Astronomy Month (April 2014)

*** Join it LIVE here! ***

Mars, the red planet, will be at opposition on 8 April 2014. That very same night, we will explore that inspiring and amazing world thanks to the Virtual Telescope, sharing its images online, in real-time.

Global Astronomy Month 2014 (GAM 2014, April 2014), is bringing to you planet Mars, thanks to our robotic telescopes, providing real time images and live comments. All this while chatting and sharing your passion and excitement with friends from all around the world.

Join us on April 8, starting at 23.00 Universal Time! You just need to access our online webTV, click here!

Latest News: Province “Astronomers Without Borders” on new Uwingu Mars map. Name your crater! 

Don’t miss Global Astronomy Month, and be ready to celebrate the Universe with us!

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