NGC 4559 and a possible Luminous Blue Variable – Com

NGC 4559

NGC 4559

Coma Berenices is well known for being a rich ground for those interested in galaxies. There are so many that, incredibly, some of the finest ones are poorly known, because of the strong competition of “giants” like NGC 4565, M 100, M 64 and more.

Among those missed wonders there is NGC 4559. Placed at about 20 millions of light years, it shows an highly detailed structure, with rich spiral arms and extended halo.

The image above is the average of 8, 300-seconds exposures, remotely taken with the 17″ robotic unit, under less than ideal conditions.

The image also shows a possible Luminous Blue Variable (LBV), reported in 2012 and again seen in 2014. Below is an insert showing the object.

NGC 4559: a possible luminous blue variable (LBV)

NGC 4559: a possible luminous blue variable (LBV)

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