(136199) Eris: a new visit (29 Sept. 2014)

The dwarf planet (136199) Eris: 29 Sept. 2014

The dwarf planet (136199) Eris: 29 Sept. 2014

After a sight late in 2013, at Virtual Telescope we visited again the famous dwarf planet (136199) Eris again. It is always fascinating looking for far in the Solar System: Eris is the farthest object of its kind out there.

Above is the average of two, 500-seconds exposures, remotely taken with the PlaneWave 17″ + Paramount ME + SBIG STL-6303E robotic unit part of the Virtual Telescope. Images were unguided.

On the same field of view, two asteroids were captured: 2001 RT40 and 1998 TO3. During the long exposures, they left a trail, as they moved.

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