Asteroid Day: “A Journey Across Near-Earth Asteroids: science, history, real-time observations” – 30 June 2016

“Asteroid Day 2016”: an official live event – poster

“Asteroid Day 2016”: an official live event – poster

After its premiere edition in 2015, it is is back again. Next 30 June 2016, anniversary of the 1908 Tunguska event, we will celebrate “Asteroid Day“: it is “a global awareness movement where people from around the world come together to learn about asteroids and what we can do to protect our planet, our families, communities, and future generations“.

The Virtual Telescope Project is the leading facility in the world sharing live, online the most spectacular near-Earth asteroids and their close encounters with our home planet. We showed these objects to millions of individuals from more than 200 Countries.

To celebrate Asteroid Day 2016 at its best, the Virtual Telescope, in partnership with the international board, will officially run this amazing online event: “A Journey Across Near-Earth Asteroids: science, history, real-time observations”. We will have very special guests, including Eric Christensen, Director of the Catalina Sky Survey, Debbie Lewis, Director – Resilience Planning at Axiom and member of the AD Expert Panel,  Grigorij Richters, filmmaker and co-founder of Asteroid Day, Michael Schwartz, CEO and Director of the Tenagra Observatories, Ltd and more (will update this list soon).

The live event will be conduced by astrophysicist Gianluca Masi, owner and scientific director of the Virtual Telescope Project, with a long scientific experience on both astrometric and physical observations of asteroids., recipient in 2005 of the “Shoemaker NEO Grant” of the Planetary Society.

During the live event we will review near-Earth asteroids, discovering what scientists are doing to discovery and understand them, what can be done to mitigate a potential risk and then we will observe some of them in real time, thanks to the highly advanced technologies of the Virtual Telescope.

Being this an online event, you can join from every part of the globe, just need an internet connection. This is particularly useful to those living far from any physical venue hosting something for Asteroid Day or to those unable to physically move. Virtual Telescope really makes Asteroid Day an event for everyone.

the poster above uses an asteroid graphic by ESA – P.Carril

The live event is scheduled for 30 June 2016, starting at 23:00 UT.

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