The Nights of the Red Planet: online observations of planet Mars at opposition and close approach – 22 & 30 May 2016

"The Night of the Red Planet": poster of the event

“The Night of the Red Planet”: poster of the event

After almost two years from last time, finally planet Mars is back at its best to be observed! The Red Planet, On 22 May 2016, will be at its opposition, that is Mars and the Sun will be on directly opposite sides of Earth. Because the involved orbits are elliptical, the minimum distance between the two planets will be touched a few days later, on 30 May: Mars will be at 75.3 million kilometers from us.

That minimum distance will be the shortest of the last ten years, waiting for the much better one in 2018.

To enjoy this great opportunity, the Virtual Telescope will offer a two free, online observing session focused on Mars, the red planet, to discover this extremely intriguing body.

This live view is scheduled for 22 AND 30 May 2016, starting at 22:00 UT.

To join, you just need to enter, at the dates and times above, our webTV page here!

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