Asteroid Day 2016: a great event at Virtual Telescope (30 June 2016)

Asteroid Day 2016: observed near-Earth Asteroids

Asteroid Day 2016: observed near-Earth Asteroids

With just a few words, we want to thank all of you for making Asteroid Day 2016 memorable at the Virtual Telescope Project. We hosted two live feeds, one in Italian, one in English, so reaching thousands of people out there.

“Asteroid Day 2016”: an official live event – poster

“Asteroid Day 2016”: an official live event – poster

To say the least, it was a epic event. We hosted some extremely unique guests, such a bright constellation of first-rate scientists like Thomas Jones, Nasa astronaut and planetary scientist, Eric Christensen, director of the Catalina Sky Survey, Michael Schwartz, CEO at Tenagra Observatories, Debbie Lewis, Asteroid Day Expert Panel and Disaster Management expert, Jay Tate, The Spaceguard Center, Gregory Leonard, astronomer at Catalina Sky Survey and of course Grigorij Richters, filmmaker and co-founder of Asteroid Day. Both the streams were presented by Gianluca Masi, astrophysicist and creator of the Virtual Telescope Project. We had more than five hours of live streaming, so it was almost a marathon!

Asteroid Day 2016 @ Virtual Telescope: the protagonists

Asteroid Day 2016 @ Virtual Telescope: the protagonists

Discussing with these eminent personalities was a unique opportunity for us to learn and discover asteroids and the goals of such an important movement as Asteroid Day.

For this edition, the Virtual Telescope also officially promoted Asteroid Day in Italy, which resulted in number of great,events  connected as Asteroid Day Italia. The impact on media and press in Italy was amazing, including the very most important newspapers, radio stations and TVs. We wish to thank all the ones who took part, bacause they helped to make all this so big!

Asteroid Day Italia 2016

Asteroid Day Italia 2016

We made available the podcast for both the Italian and English streams below. If you missed the original streaming, here you can find all the contents and the special guests. For sure these videos will be a very enjoyable view for years to come.



We are already missing Asteroid Day, but will start working on the 2017 edition soon.

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