“Global Star Party – Stars for All”: online cosmic journey – 24 April 2021

Join us and celebrate the beauty of our Universe together. The Virtual Telescope Project and Astronomers Without Borders bring to you this live event for Global Astronomy Month 2021.

Global Star Party - Stars for All 2021.

Global Star Party – Stars for All 2021.

an official event for Global Astronomy Month (April 2021)

*** Join it LIVE here! ***

Because of the weather, the new date is 24 April 2021

The Global Star Party is the time to come out under the stars, bridge gaps across the seas, and join your brother and sister skywatchers in proving that the world is “One People, One Sky.” Boundaries vanish when the world looks skyward.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Global Star Party will be virtual. Join our host, Gianluca Masi, AWB National Coordinator for Italy and astrophysicist with Virtual Telescope Project, for an online telescope sky tour in celebration of the Global Star Party.

The Universe will look as never seen before, are you ready?

Join us on April 24, starting at 19:00 Universal Time! You just need to click here!

Don’t miss Global Astronomy Month, and be ready to celebrate the Universe with us!

IMPORTANT NOTE: in case of cloudy weather, the event will be rescheduled

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