The 8 Nov. 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse: a live, international event

Next 8 Nov, the Moon will offer us a superb total eclipse. We will bring the show to you live, thanks to an international team.

8 Nov. 2022 total lunar eclipse: poster of the event.

8 Nov. 2022 total lunar eclipse: poster of the event.

*** Join it LIVE here! ***

Next 8 Nov. 2022, the Beaver Moon will offer us a superb total eclipse, visible from Australia, Asia and the Americas. As in the past, the Virtual Telescope Project will partner with some great astro-imagers around the globe, to bring to you the stunning beauty of such a unique event. A wonderful example of cooperation through geographical borders!

So far, the 8 Nov. Total Lunar Eclipse 2022 Team is composed as below (regularly updated):

  • astrophotographer: John Stevenson (Ardlethan, N.S.W.,  Australia );
  • astrophotographer: James McCue (New Mexico, USA);
  • astrophotographer: Karim Jaffer (Montreal Centre, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada);
  • astrophotographer: Adrian Bradley (Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse, MI, USA);
  • astrophotographer: Joaquin Fabrega Polleri (Panama);
  • astrophotographer: Chris Stockdale (“Hazelwood Observatory”, Victoria, Australia);
  • astrophotographer: Bill Longo (Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada);
  • astrophotographer: Gary Varney (Florida, USA);
  • astrophotographer: Julie Straayer, (Albany Creek, Queensland, Australia);
  • astrophotographer: John W. Johnson (Nebraska, USA)
  • astrophotographers: Dean & William Hooper (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia);
  • astrophotographer: Sonali Deshmukh (Mumbai, India);
  • astrophotographer: Ron Delvaux (Arizona, USA);
  • astrophotographer: Chris Curwin (Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada);
  • Brendon Roy (Thunder Bay Center, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada);
  • Daniel Brousseau (Sherbrooke, Quebec, Astronomes Amateurs de  Sherbrooke, Canada);
  • coordinator and live comment: astrophysicist Gianluca Masi (The Virtual Telescope Project, Italy).

The online, free lunar total eclipse session is scheduled for 8 Nov. 2022, staring at 09:30 UTC.

To join the 8 Nov. 2022 total lunar eclipse live event, you just need to enter, at the date and time above, our webTV page here!

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