The “Dumbbell” (Messier 27) nebula: an image – 13 Aug. 2023.

We imaged the wonderful Messier 27 planetary nebula, nicknamed “Dumbbell” for its shape.

The “Dumbbell” (Messier 27) planetary nebula. 13 Aug. 2023.

The “Dumbbell” (Messier 27) planetary nebula. 13 Aug. 2023.

The image above comes from the average of 32, 120-second exposures, unfiltered, remotely taken with the ARTEC250+Paramount ME+C3Pro61000EC robotic unit available as part of the Virtual Telescope Project facility in Manciano, Italy. The image was gently processed by the DeepLab team to show all the finest details and structures visible in the original data.

Messier 27 is one of the most famous planetary nebulae in our sky. It was the first nebula discovered by C. Messier in 1764 and its distance is estimated in 1200 light years. A few arcminutes south of it, in 1997 we have found a new Mira-type variable star in 1997.

M 27 is located in a very dense star field and the image above offers a breath-taking view on that cosmic gem.

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