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November 2015
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Repairing the Virtual Telescope’s 14 inches unit: fundrising campaign

The Celestron C14"-f/8.4 on Paramount ME

*** Donate here to help us repairing this unit part of the Virtual Telescope ***

NOTE: if you prefer to donate without going to the Indiegogo platform, click here! 

As millions of individuals out there knows very well, the Virtual Telescope Project did, since its foundation in 2006, a titanic work to bring the wonders of the Cosmos, live, to the world. Just surf the web and see what our reputation is.

We show you, online, the most important astronomical events in real time, asking no money for that. yes, all is free. We love sharing what we love, we feel that like a mission, our mission.

But from time to time, we need you to survive.

Last week, after many years of public and science activities, the electronic board of our 14″ robotic unit failed and it needs to be replaced. We are asking you to help us, supporting this expense.

*** Donate here to help us repairing this unit part of the Virtual Telescope ***


This telescope did many historic things for the public: for example, it hosted the first edition ever of the Online Messier Marathon, one of the greatest advances in astronomy communication ever invented.

Help us to bring back to life the most publicly active telescope in the world.

Thank you so much for your trust and consideration.

dr. Gianluca Masi, PhD
director, the Virtual Telescope Project

*** Donate here to help us repairing this unit part of the Virtual Telescope ***



Support The Virtual Telescope Project!

If everyone reading this right now would donate something, our fundraiser would be done in a few days. Please, donate and receive an exclusive, LIMITED EDITION image of potentially hazardous asteroids taken by the Virtual Telescope! specifically made for supporters like you!

donate now (you can adjust the amount later)


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