Virtual Telescope needs you to share more stars with the world.

M 27

M 27

Since 2006 the Virtual Telescope has been showing the real cosmos, live, to millions of individuals from more than 200 Countries. Something never seen before in the field of science communication and public outreach.

Because of these huge, unbelievable  numbers, you might forget the only few things behind such a winning project: a true love for the sky, the excitement for sharing the Cosmos live and a great dedication.

The Virtual Telescope Project lives thanks to the volunteer work of who his founder, who has been always adding more and new events, including some first time ever experiences.

Looking at the past few months is enough to see what the Virtual Telescope did for the astronomical culture: since last Sept. we did more than 20 online, live events, sharing close approaching asteroids, exploding supernovae, comets, eclipses, deep sky wonders and more. All this absolutely for free, reaching all the Countries of this planet and promoting the interaction among different cultures. Of course, the Virtual Telescope also did a lot of science with asteroids, comets, variable stars, exoplanets, supernovae, gamma-ray burst and so on.

The Virtual Telescope Project has no funds or financial support and it survives just thanks to the personal availability of the founder and to donations by those who trust its mission and services.

Now, we need your support to keep this project up and running and to further develop our system, ready to face future challenges and offer more activities and services for all.

So, Virtual Telescope needs you right now: you can donate whatever you want, being sure to contribute to the most innovative and acclaimed online system helping the world to find its place in the Universe.

If you trust the Virtual Telescope Project, it is your time to support it.

You can donate via credit card and/or PayPal from here


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Support us! Please, donate and receive unique, LIMITED EDITION set of images of the stunning comet 12P/Pons-Brooks with Andromeda Galaxy, of potentially hazardous asteroids, space stations and much more, specifically made for supporters like you!

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