NGC 2392 – Gem

NGC 2392, the "Eskimo" nebula

NGC 2392, the "Eskimo" nebula

NGC 2392 is a well-known planetary nebula in Gemini, also because of its funny shape, resembling the face of an “eskimo”, hence its nickname. A dying star, evolving now as a white dwarf, is sitting in its very center, having a mass similar to the one of our Sun and it is releasing a small fraction of its mass all around. It was discovered by W. Herschel and is placed at about 3000 light years form us.

This image was captured with the Celestron C14″, part of the Virtual Telescope Project. It shows a truly amazing detail, thanks to the excellent seeing at the observatory site. The OTA in installed on a Paramount ME mount, by Software Bisque. The CCD camera is a SBIG ST8-XME. The image scale is of 0.62″/pixel.

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