Asteroid 2012 TC4 close approach – new image and movie

Near-Earth asteroid 2012 TC4 (9 Oct. 2012)

Near-Earth asteroid 2012 TC4 (9 Oct. 2012)

While asteroid 2012 TC4 continues to approach our planet, at the Virtual Telescope we managed to grab a few more images.

The one above was obtained with the Planewave 17″ unit, with its Paramount ME mount tracking the object across the stars.

Below is a video obtained the previous night, showing TC2014 asteroid moving quite fast.

[fvplayer src=”” width=”612″]

Don’t miss our live observing session of this asteroid next 11 Oct.!

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  1. Gianluca Masi says:

    the closes approach was early today. Now the asteroid is moving away and will stay VERY faint, so basically not visible.

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