Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (4179) Toutatis close approach: finding chart


Asteroid (4179) Toutatis: finding chart

Asteroid (4179) Toutatis: finding chart

After the request of several observers, we made available this finding chart to locate the potentially hazardous asteroid (4179) Toutatis. The asteorid is shown at 00:00 UT for several days. Its brightness will be high enough to make it visible with small scopes.

The create the map, TheSkyX Pro from Software Bisque was used.

The Virtual Telescope planned a free, online session to show Toutatis in real time!


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  1. Miriam Bravo says:

    Thanks for your cooperation making available to observe in real time the asteroid 4179 Toutatis.I am from Puerto Rico and want to know the hours that i can see the asteroid on my computer…

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