2012: the non-end of the world

Position of Planets around the Sun On Dec. 21, 2012

Position of Planets around the Sun On Dec. 21, 2012

On this website you will not find any mention to the so called 2012 end of the world other than this post. This because the world is not going to end and if you were disappointed to pay taxes and so, you will have to continue next year, unfortunately. With this “exceptional” post, we would like to make clear that, contrarily to what many are saying/writing around, there will be no planetary alignment on Dec. 21 and/or around that date.

We are sorry for those hoping the opposite, but planetary alignments are nothing strange. They just do happen, while planets orbit around the Sun. From time to time they can show on the same side respect to our star and this does not have any special meaning or consequence.

That said, it is just matter of facts that these days planets are well spread all around the Sun, as evident from map above, showing their position on 21 Dec. 2012. So, this time there is not any alignment at all. In particular, Jupiter and Saturn, by far the most massive bodies after the Sun, are almost on opposite directions, that is the negation of any alignment.

So, these rumors, part of the huge, global fake of the 2012 end of the world, are just noise.

Needless to say, we are  just curious to hear those feeding this lie the very next day, Dec. 22, after seeing nothing happened. Obviously.


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