Nova in Cepheus: Feb. 2013

Nova Cephei 2013

Nova Cephei 2013

Last 2 Feb. 2013, K.Nishiyama and F. Kabashima (Japan) reported the discovery of a possible nova in Cepheus. This star is well located in the sky for northern observers at the beginning of the night.

On 4 Feb. around the transient was observed by G. Masi and F. Nocentini with the Virtual Telescope, remotely using the PlaneWave 17 robotic unit. One o fthe images is shown above. The star brightness was measured from those unfiltered images, providing a magnitude estimate of 10.2.

Here it is the position of the Nova (J2000.0):

R.A.: 23h 08m 04.70s    Decl.: +60°46′ 51.8″





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