Partial Lunar Eclipse – 25 April 2013: sequence and animation

Partial Lunar Eclipse - 25 April 2013: sequence

Partial Lunar Eclipse - 25 April 2013: sequence

The 25 Apr. 2013 lunar partial eclipse was a huge success for the Virtual Telescope Project. About 30.000 curious viewers jumped into the live coverage, which was both in English and Italian (in Italy, the event was a collaboration with Ansa Scienza&Tecnica.

A set of images captured during the live session was used to make the sequence above, where the effects of the Earth shadow are well visible on the upper left border of the Moon. Clouds finally arrived and the Moon disappeared.

Below is a movie from the same images.


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  1. Gaina Alex says:

    The photographs are very good documents on the Moon during that nice evening. They are just what I have seen with allmost an unarmed eye.

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