“Big Dipper to Southern Cross 2013”: the northern journey

After more than three years, the “Big Dipper to Southern Cross” event was back! Organized by Astronomers Without Borders, it included – as in the first edition – two different journeys, one for each hemisphere. The northern round was hosted by the Virtual Telescope Project, under the guide of astrophysicist Gianluca Masi, PhD.

The 27 Jul. 2013, at 22:45 UT the trip started, under excellent sky in Ceccano, Italy, where the Virtual Telescope facility in installed. We used the PlaneWave 17″ robotic unit.

The event was a big success, with about 4000 viewers from 126 different Countries. A chat was also available for those wishing to virtually meet.

The event included a very special gift from the sky: a just discovered supernova in Messier 74!

Below is the podcast from the evening, as well as the images. I wish to thank Zoran Tomic for capturning the screen shots!


Gianluca Masi


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