Near-Earth asteroid 2005 WK4: a new image and a movie!


Near-Earth asteroid 2005 WK4
Near-Earth asteroid 2005 WK4

On 6 Aug. 2013, the PlaneWave 17″ robotic unit captured this asteroid, now brighter and faster than the previous nights. Above is a screenshot saved during the imaging session.

Below is a spectacular video made with files from the same session, with the asteroid sliding across the stars:

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Finally, the average of six, 300 seconds exposures, giving a wonderful view:

Near-Earth asteroid 2005 WK4: 7 Aug. 2013
Near-Earth asteroid 2005 WK4: 7 Aug. 2013

The asteroid was at about 3.4 millions of km and was moving with a rate of 26″/minute: the telescope tracked the minor planet, to ensure a perfect imaging result.


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