Near-Earth Asteroid 2014 FD: an image (23 Mar. 2014)

Near-Earth Asteroid 2014 FD: 23 Mar. 2014

Near-Earth Asteroid 2014 FD: 23 Mar. 2014

On 25 Mar. 2014 at 04:33 UT, the near-Earth asteroid 2014 FD had a close, but safe approach with the our planet. This 35 meters large rock “touched” a minimum of 4.5 lunar distances from us, that is 1.7 millions of km.

The Virtual Telescope promptly captured this fast mover thanks to its PlaneWave 17 robotic unit. Above is an image coming from the average of two, 180-seconds exposures, where the advanced Paramount ME robotic mount tracked the asteroid in its 46″/minute apparent motion. 2014 FD is the sharp dot of light in the center.

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