Get exclusive access to this ongoing live event for just 1 Euro!

Asteroid 2014 DX110 event: almost ready to go!

Asteroid 2014 DX110 event: almost ready to go!

The Virtual Telescope Project provides free online events to the world community. In addition, we developed an exclusive service, making possible for you to get a still better experience! Impossible? not, really!

For just one Euro donation you will access the ongoing live event with an exclusive interface, providing continuous real-time feedback from the telescope, as well as from the speaker. This is a great improvement against the free, still enjoyable version, offering screenshots from the telescope with live commentary.

Please note: this donation includes just this event; the event itself maybe already started and approaching its end, we cannot make smaller fees, so check is the event is still ongoing!

If you want to experiment this exclusive option, just make the one euro donation below and take note of url on the page acknowledging your payment: that is all, thanks!

We will use donations coming from this initiative to support and keep alive the Virtual Telescope Project.

 1 Euro


Support The Virtual Telescope Project!

Support us! Please, donate and receive unique, LIMITED EDITION set of images of the stunning comet 12P/Pons-Brooks with Andromeda Galaxy, of potentially hazardous asteroids, space stations and much more, specifically made for supporters like you!

(you can adjust the amount later)

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